Gel Nail Polish & Builder Base

Gel polish and builder base kit inc lamp
1 day (6 hours)

Learn the skills required to complete one of the industry’s most popular nail treatments – gel polish and builder base.

  • For Beginners
  • Complete this course over 1 day (6 hours)
  • Includes: Gel polish and builder base kit inc lamp & Certificate

The Manicure Company’s gel polish and builder base is loved and trusted by countless thousands of nail professionals and their clients throughout Europe every day.

In our gel polish and builder base combined courses, you will learn the skills required to complete this popular must-know treatments to perfection using our high-quality systems.

Builder Base is a brush-on builder gel in a bottle formula. Its benefits are numerous but the most widely thoughted is its strength, resulting in natural nails being protected and thus growing without breaks, cracks, or fractures.

With your experienced trainer, you will leave with all the tips and tricks ready to begin applying gel polish and builder base professionally starting your career in the industry on a solid footing.

What you will learn in this course?

  • Product & tools knowledge
  • Nail diseases & disorders
  • Salon etiquette and hygiene
  • Client consultation
  • Nail preparation
  • Gel polish application
  • French polish application
  • Gel polish removal
  • Builder base application
  • Builder base removal
  • Nail aftercare
  • Product troubleshooting


I attended this course back in November, I really enjoyed the day, learnt lots of useful tips. I left feeling confident to go out and do gel polishes on my own which I have now been doing since. Would definitely recommend this course.

I would definitely recommend this course.

”The support during and after was really good” The course is amazing, I really enjoyed learning about TMC, their background and their products. The course was really informative and the support during and after has been really good! The products are beautiful to work with too!

The products are beautiful to work with too!

I’ve just completed my gel nail course with Tara Coules Tracey, the Kildare / Wicklow manicure educator. To say I’m a happy lady is an understatement. You kept me positive the whole way! You’re an amazing teacher and I can’t recommend you more.

Dawn Moir
Accredited training